Sygnet  2k19


Earthquake Resisto-Curtains

One of the latest inventions in the field of earthquake resistant buildings, the earthquake curtains. See how the wires help in resistance.

Rolling Barriers

A recent invention in the road barriers, the rolling barriers helps in protection in unexpectedly better way. See how at our exhibition.

Non-Newtonian Breaker

A recent usage of non-newtonian fluid in civil engineering is in Non-Newtonian Breaker. See how it works



Mechanically Stabilized Soil

Soil with artificial reinforcement used for retaining walls, bridge abutments, sea walls and dikes. See how it works.

Floating Concrete

Floating Concrete is a fluid mix having density less than water which is suitable to building floating structures.


Saline Water Treatment

It is an effective way to treat sea water and extract drinkable water without using electricity. See it working.

Automated Street Light

Having an efficient application of modern sensors to save electricity. See how it works.

Pervious Concrete

Concrete with conventionally high porosity used for concrete flatwork application that allows water to pass through. See how it's made.

Self Compacting Concrete

It is a concrete mix with many properties which makes it best useful. See how it's made.