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C-SOC is a Departmental Society which organizes various technical as well as cultural events in the campus throughout the year. A good team violates the laws of mathematics. Here, the whole team is greater than sum of its parts and this signifies that team members are working in collaboration with each other. Have you ever watched a professional football game? Not a kid game but say Argentina-Brazil match. They are intense, they are fast, they are brutal and they are unpredictable. The players don't have helmets to protect them.

Society Of Civil Engineering (C-SOC) has been proactively working to enrich its members with such needed skills. We provide them with a variety of opportunities for their social and professional development. We strive to build camaraderie among students and offer them avenue for networking with students at other campuses and professional engineers likewise in a variety of skill enhancement.

Our management team consists of a highly motivated team of students working under the guidance of a faculty advisor. At C-SOC we believe in the principles of being a mentor rather than a teacher, growing antennae not horns, praise and criticism, reigning in the rage, effective communication, vision, commitment and last but not the least a break after work (Science, they say, is yet to come up with a better invention than tea break).

At C-SOC we believe in building people. Unlike the wild, where birds of a feather flock together, every student in a college is as different from other as chalk is from cheese. It is no mean task to forge a cohesive team comprising of assorted individuals with diverse and probably conflicting personality traits. At C-SOC we strive to make it possible. Throughout the academic year, we organize a plethora of techno-cultural events to hone your technical as well as soft skills.


Faculty Members

Dr. Vijay S. Dogra

Head of Department

Dr. Chander Prakash

Faculty Coordinator

Final Year Members

Suraj Rana


Onam Sharma


Mridul Bansal 

Vice President

Munish Kalia

Vice President

Gesu Chauhan

Chief Editor (Aadhar)

Manish Pal

Coordinator(Alumni Affairs)

Aniket Chaudhary


Mehak Chaudhary


Third Year Members

Rajat Verma

General Secretary

Nishank Singhal

Joint Secretary

Anish Soni

Technical Secretary

Bharat Shah

Media Secretary

Imran Khan

Finance Secretary

Divya Thakur

Technical Joint Secretary

Akriti Kaushal

Media Joint Secretary

Pallavi Dogra

Finance Joint Secretary

Shubham Bhatia

Technical Joint Secretary

Rahul Chandel

Media Joint Secretary

Aditya Chaudhary

Finance Joint Secretary

Second Year Members

Adarsh Pandey

Executive Member

Akshat Samariya

Executive Member

Aishwarya Sharma

Executive Member

Dev Sagar

Executive Member

Pallav Priyam

Executive Member

Priyanka Kumar

Executive Member

Rashmi Thakur

Executive Member

Ritesh Chandel

Executive Member

Shivam Dussawar

Executive Member

Vedant Sharma

Executive Member


C.E.D. NITH Hamirpur,
Himachal Pradesh